Planning Your Holiday

What To Bring ?

While packing your favourite choice of clothes, make sure you leave room for those all essentials, deck shoes or trainers are advisable when walking around the boat. A torch can come in handy when returning to your boat, after spending the evening visiting one of the Thames village pubs or restaurants. A first aid kit, binoculars, and you may even wish to bring a waterproof coat or umbrella, just in case.

Food and Essentials

When it comes to food, please bear in mind the storage on a boat is not as spacious as your average home. Food for the first couple of days would be ideal, particularly fresh food as most fridges are about the size that would fit under your kitchen worktop, with a freezer compartment big enough for ice cubes and a small bag of frozen peas etc. To save space in your car, you can even have your food delivered direct to your boat by ordering online with either Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Waitrose, Asda or Tesco. All we ask is that you have your food delivered after 1pm as we will be unable to put your food on-board your boat or put any cold items into your fridge before this time.

Electricity on Board

All our boats are fitted with USB charging points which allows you to charge your mobile phones, Ipods, MP3 players, tablets and cameras etc. Our 4 Star boats are fitted with an inverter supplying 240v with a minimum output of 1500W, which can also be used to power the above electronic items. We supply a travel hair dryer as most ladies hair dryers are too powerful to use on-board and an iron. Our 5 Star boats are fitted with an inverter supplying 240v with an output of 2000W to run the microwave and vacuum on-board. Our 5 star Elite boats have a power supply between 2000W and 2500W.

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