We’ve introduced this section to the website which should answer most of your questions. Please try here first and if you need any more information then please email us at sales@kriscruisers.co.uk or call +44 1753 543930

Low Bridge - Will not pass under Osney Bridge, Oxford

Low Bridge – Will not pass under Osney Bridge, Oxford


Pets Welcome

Pets Welcome


Bow Thruster

Bow Thruster

You can use our our zoomable map which shows estimated cruising time based on 6 hours per day (one way).

To assist you in the planning of your journey, we suggest that you allow approximately 45 minutes per lock which includes the time taken to travel to and through each lock. This travelling time is only a guide and not a guaranteed travelling time.

You should moor no further than 1 Lock away from our base, in either Windsor or Runnymede. As long as you arrive at the Lock when it opens at 9am, you will arrive back at our base on time and it will still allow you enough time to vacate by 9.45am. This in turn allows us enough time to prepare your boat ready for the next skipper and crew. You are welcome to spend your last night moored within our boatyard saving you time the following morning, and allowing you one last chance to visit one of our pubs/restaurants.

All of your bedding, hand and bath towels are all supplied for you. While packing your favourite choice of clothes, make sure you leave room for those essentials. Deck shoes or trainers are advisable when walking around the boat. A torch comes in handy when returning to your boat after spending the evening visiting one of the Thames villages pubs or restaurants, a first aid kit, you may even want to consider bringing a waterproof coat or umbrella just in case.

We ask you to complete our on-line Customer Arrival Form at least 1 week before your arrival.  This will assist us in preparing your boat for you and making sure you have the correct bedding requirements for your crew.

Pets are welcome on some of our boats. The boats where pets are welcome on board are marked with a green pets welcome symbol. We recommend a maximum of 2 pets per boat but please feel free to contact us if you have more than two.

For the boats that allow pets on board, we have a limited supply of life jackets available. Please assist us by adding your dogs weight in kg’s to your arrival form.

The Locks are operated by Lock Keepers 7 days a week. They open at 9am and close between 4.30pm and 6.30pm depending on the time of year. During the months of June to August inclusive, they may even have a summer assistant on duty helping you to pass through at lunch time. Outside these hours, you may if you wish take yourself through the Locks without the Lock Keeper as long as there is day light. Your restriction on cruising is from Sunrise to Sunset. All locks below Oxford have out of hours power.

Mooring prices range from free of charge to £14.00 per night. (2021 prices excluding marina’s) Signs will be displayed at each mooring place with prices and methods of how to pay. Free 24hr moorings can be found at all Environment Agency mooring sites along with some towns such as Goring and Abingdon as well as numerous out of town moorings for peace and tranquillity.

Every boat leaves us with a full tank of fuel which is enough for a minimum of a one weeks cruise, with some boats having enough fuel to last 2 weeks. For most boats on a 2 week cruise or longer we normally advise you to top up with about 45 litres of diesel at the start of your second week. At the end of your holiday you will only pay for the fuel you use. We do NOT charge for engine hours

All our boats are fitted with a water tank gauge to assist you in your days planning, although we suggest you fill up every day to avoid running out.

Depending on the time of year we recommend a minimum of 4 to 5 hours a day during the months June to August and a minimum of 5 to 6 hours a day during all other months.

Your engine heats your water up just like your boiler does at home. When the water is cold it will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to heat up your hot water tank.

I’m afraid it is not possible to put bikes on our boats

1.5 miles from Kris Cruisers is an Inn Keepers Lodge in Old Windsor

1.5 miles from Kris Cruisers is a Travel Lodge in Slough

1.7 miles from Kris Cruisers is a Premier Inn in Slough

We recommend Windsor Cars, with a prestige fleet of over 200 executive vehicles, they will provide you with a first class service. You can book them in advance if you are flying in from overseas, or for that extra special service, why not try their meet and greet. Whether it is to make a booking or just an enquiry, they can be contacted by telephoning +44 (0)1753 677 677 or you can email them at bookings@windsorcars.com or visit www.windsorcars.com

There is further information available to assist you in our Planning Your Holiday guide. It can be downloaded from here – Planning Your Holiday

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